(April 5, 2021)


Article I – Name

Section 1.     The Club is named Lake Guntersville Bass Masters-Madison, and is referred to throughout this document as “LGBM-M” or “the Club”.

Article II – Purpose

Section 1.     We, the members of LGBM-M, intend to improve our bass fishing skills, share our knowledge with others, contribute to the conservation of our fishery and natural resources, promote good sportsmanship and foster a sense of camaraderie among our members. These intended actions will be accomplished both through our tournaments and our club meetings.

Article III – Membership

Section 1.     Any properly licensed angler aged 14 years or older, and who is committed to the furtherance of the Club’s purpose, is welcome to seek membership in the Club.

Section 2.     Long-standing members of the club may be acknowledged as Honorary Members in recognition of sustained contribution and participation in the Club’s activities. This appointment must be first recommended by the Executive Committee and then ratified by the vote of a quorum of the membership.

Section 3.     A quorum of the membership is defined as the members in good standing who attend any meeting.

Article IV – Officers and Standing Committees

Section 1.     The officers of the LGBM-M shall be the President, the Vice President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the Tournament Director/Weigh Master.

Section 2.     The Executive Committee of the LGBM-M is comprised of the Club’s officers.

Section 3.     The Tournament Committee of the LGBM-M is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Tournament Director/Weigh Master, and Three (3) additional members of LGBM-M, appointed by the President.

Section 4.     Any officer who misses three consecutive meetings, either of the Club’s tournament meeting or of the Executive Committee’s meeting, may be removed from office. This decision to remove an officer will be made by the highest ranking officer not being removed. The full membership will be notified of this decision, and will affirm or overturn the decision to remove after hearing any rebuttal by the officer. This action will be completed at the first meeting of the Club held after the decision is made.

Article V – Meetings                

Section 1.     LGBM-M Tournament Meetings are held on the Monday prior to the first Saturday of each month and we typically hold our monthly tournament on the first Saturday of the month.

Section 2.     Special meetings may be called when necessary. The President may call such a meeting, and any member may request that the President do so, although the President may, at his discretion, choose not to call such a meeting.

Section 3.     Any proceeding or special situation not provided for in this Preamble or in the By-laws will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VI – Amendments

Section 1.     This Preamble, the LGBM-M By-laws, and Tournament Rules may be amended as required by a majority vote of the club membership at a scheduled monthly meeting.

Section 2.     If the LGBM-M is dissolved, the treasury balance will be donated to a non-profit organization devoted to conservation of the fisheries of Alabama.


(January 4, 2021)


Article I – Officers

Section 1.     Terms of office for all positions will be one year.

Section 2.     To be eligible to hold any office of the LGBM-M, a member must be in good standing.

Article II – Membership

Section 1.     Prospective members must be approved by the membership after the prospective member has attended a meeting and fished in a tournament with one of the members in good standing.  Prospective members must be present at the meeting in which they are voted on by the membership and it cannot be longer than 90 days after fishing the initial club tournament.

Section 2.     LGBM-M will have no more than 50 members in good standing, except that Honorary Members will not be counted among this 50-member total.

Section 3.     A member is anyone who has been voted into the Club and has paid current dues and tournament fees.

Section 4.     Honorary Members will enjoy all privileges of membership, but will not be required to pay LGBM-M membership dues. Honorary Members will continue to pay tournament fees and dues for membership in affiliated organizations.  Any member that has been in good standing with the Club for ten (10) consecutive years and attains the age of seventy (70) years old will be considered an Honorary Member.

Section 5.     If an existing member officially resigns from the LGBM-M Club (in written statement or by other communication to the Club President) they will be removed from the Club Roster and the Club ABN Roster.  There will be no refund of any Club Dues that have been paid.  If said member wishes to rejoin the LGBM-M Club, they will be required to start the membership process as a new prospective member and follow all existing rules involved in that process.

Section 6.     Termination of Membership

1. Each member's membership in the club automatically terminates when the member is no longer current in membership dues payment to the club. Membership dues in the club are due at the October meeting of each calendar year, delinquent if not paid by the end of the November club meeting of each calendar year, and membership in the club shall be terminated by the Club Secretary and the member's name deleted from the club roster if dues are not paid by the December meeting of the calendar year.

2. Failure to maintain current membership in B.A.S.S. shall be grounds for termination of membership in the club.

3. A club member's membership in the club may be terminated for cause by a majority vote of the membership present at any scheduled meeting of the club whereby written notice has been given, by an officer of the club, to all active members of the club, at least ten (10) days before such meeting is to take place, setting forth the item to be considered for termination of the member's membership in the club.

Considerations for termination of club membership may include, but are not limited to:

a. Conscious deviation from adherence to club Constitution and or By-Laws or Tournament Rules.

b. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

c. Actions not deemed to be in the spirit and purposes of the club.

d. Disqualification for any reason from participating in B.A.S.S.-sponsored events, including disqualification for use of drugs or alcohol.

4. Any members who are terminated from the membership roll will be eligible to reapply for admission into the club during the following club year as outlined in Article II of the By-Laws.

Section 7.     All members of the LGBM-M must sign a liability release form before participating in any club functions.  These forms will be valid until revoked, in writing, by the Signee.

Article III – Dues, Fees and Costs

Section 1.     Annual costs for membership in the LGBM-M include dues for the LGBM-M, BFN, ABN and, optionally, additional affiliates. This sum is due to the Club’s Secretary-Treasurer by the October meeting, and is delinquent by the end of the November meeting.

Section 2.     Annual dues will be determined yearly, by vote during the October meeting.

Section 3.     Tournament entry fees will be $40.00 for each entrant. This fee will be paid at the tournament meeting prior to the tournament and will not be refundable. Each entrant is responsible for paying the entry fee. Additional costs for travel, lodging, supplies and consideration for boat use must be shared by the boater and the non-boater.

Section 4.     Fees collected, but not disbursed as winnings, will be deposited into the Club’s treasury.

Article IV – Duties of Members

Section 1.     Members must maintain accurate contact information for the Club’s files. This information must include a mailing address and a telephone number, and should include an email address.

Section 2.     Members must be respectful of the fishery we enjoy, committed to the preservation of that fishery and mindful of the responsibilities of using our lakes and rivers. Each tournament entrant must be properly licensed, and must have any required special use permit for the waters fished during any tournament.

Section 3.     Profane or disrespectful language will not be used at meetings or gatherings of the Club.

Section 4.     Alcohol will not be consumed during regular meetings.

Section 5.     No member may use the name of the Club, nor any of the Club’s assets, to endorse or promote any political candidate for public office or appointed position.

Section 6.     Members must agree to hold office or to be nominated for office at least once every three (3) years.

Section 7.     Members are encouraged, within a period of two years after joining the Club, to have access to a boat that may be used in Club tournaments. The member must demonstrate to the Club’s Secretary-Treasurer that the boat is properly insured for use on Alabama’s waters. The tournament use of a boat without proper insurance will be cause for removal from membership.

Section 8.     An important element of this Club's operation is the generous sharing of boats, fishing gear and towing vehicles. To protect that tradition, any member who damages or loses the property of another member has a personal responsibility to replace or repair that property.

Section 9.     One hundred percent (100%) of all club members must maintain membership in B.A.S.S.  The expiration date of each member's B.A.S.S membership must be verified and filed with the club Secretary.

Section 10.     All persons using boats in club tournaments must have a copy of their boat's "proof of insurance" on file with the club Secretary.  This boat insurance must meet ABN / B.A.S.S. guidelines for dollar amounts in liability.

Article V – Duties of Officers and Administrators

Section 1.     The President will preside at meetings and manage the overall affairs and activities of the LGBM-M. He or she will be an ex officio member of all standing committees.

Section 2.     The Vice-President assumes the President’s duties when the President is absent or unable to perform the duties, and will routinely perform those duties assigned by the President.  Also, the Vice-President organizes the annual banquet.

Section 3.     The Secretary-Treasurer records accurate minutes of each meeting and conducts all Club correspondence.  Additionally, he or she will receive, record, control and deposit all funds of the Club.  At each Club meeting, he or she will report fully to the Club the disposition and status of Club funds.  The Secretary will submit a complete club membership roster to B.A.S.S. and ABN on an annual basis.

Section 4.     The Tournament Director / Weigh Master is responsible for all the administration leading to a successful tournament. This starts with the pairing of anglers at the preliminary meeting, includes the collection of entry fees for submission to the Secretary-Treasurer, and establishes the specific details of time, place and options for tournament conduct that the Club has decided. As chair of the Tournament Committee, the Director is responsible for a timely action of the Committee to schedule tournaments for the coming year. As Weigh Master they are responsible for accurate measurement, weighing and recording of these results for all fish submitted in competition. Additionally, the Weigh Master maintains and protects the scales and equipment for conducting weigh-ins.

Section 5.     The Web Site Administrator is responsible for all administration dealing with the public in electronic form.  This includes keeping the Club’s Web Site maintained, updated and functioning.  The Web Site Administrator will be appointed by and report to the Club President.

Article VI – Duties of the Club

Section 1.     LGBM-M will not be responsible or liable for the misconduct or actions of any member.

Section 2.     The Club is affiliated with the BFN and ABN. As an individual option, members of the Club may join other organizations, such as various Major League Fishing (MLF) tours, under the auspices of the LGBM-M.